Why Shaklee Still In My Heart?

This is the story of my big why i do shaklee?

My Big Why? Why I Do Shaklee?

And This is..

My additional WHY i do Shaklee are....

Money freedom...

I can do or buy anthing WITHOUT asking money from my husband and at anytime i like. Whenever i see cute cloths for my boys or cool things for my husband i can just buy it for them. When i was a child i never brave enough to ask something from my parents because im afraid. My ummi always said " Banyak nak pakai duit, jangan membazir" and sometime in a harsh way "duit tak tumbuh atas pokok". Ironic enough when i used that harsh word to my boys sometimes. Astagfirullah.. that why i hope i will succeed in Shaklee, to have money freedom so i will not use that kind of words again. If they ask useless things of cause big NO from ibu no matter what. :D

Freedom to donate...
Often cross my mind "if i have that kind of money, i will give it to...". Nowadays often we see viral post about sick peoples and what make my heartaching when most of them are children. Their jobs just to play and make mom n dad headache with their whinning and tantrum not with their sickness. If i had that kind of money to move forward their treatments or surgery, i will (insya allah, may allah never turn my heart on this).

Freedom to travel...
Rasulullah encourage us to travel, to see the world, to experience all the wonders that Allah created for human being. By doing that we will be more wiser and humble. When i was a child, abah seldom bring us go somewhere. That why whenever there were a school trip abah will let me go. I wish for my boys will never be like that, i want them to experience travelling more than me.

There are a few more reasons but i think let it be my own secret.

Sorry if there are alot of vocabulary and grammar error in this post. Oh My English! My bad but if i dont do it once in a while post a status in english maybe my english will become much more worst than this.

Have a nice weekend. Assalamualaikum


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